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Landscaping Services from Cove, Texas

Whether your lawn is a work of art and simply needs the occasional touch-up, or you want a whole new look for your yard, our landscaping services in Cove, Texas cover everything you will ever need. Gulf Coast Landscape & Design offers stunning work for both residential and commercial businesses.

Maintenance Packages
Receive amazing lawn maintenance service 1-time or as often as your property requires it. Our services include:

Mowing & Edging
Hedge Maintenance & Trimming
Yard Debris Removal


Take advantage of onsite consultations and free estimates. Work with our professionals to determine what types of plants will work best for your property and where they will flourish. We design, construct, and install beautiful flowerbeds and keep them clean and mulched to look their best.

Landscape, Landscaping Services in Cove, TX

Patios and Decks
Choose from eye-catching hardscaping options that transform your property, such as:

Concrete and Covered Patios
Shade Structures
Outdoor Kitchens

Our landscaping services also include cleaning, pressure washing, and staining fences on your property. Protect your yard and add some privacy for your friends and family with fencing materials and types, including:

• Shadow
• Cedar
• Pine & Decorative Pine
• Cyclone
• Custom Designs

Water Features
Water features are a great way to add unique serenity to your property. Whether going with an outdoor fountain or pond, we offer installation repairs and maintenance to these charming additions.

Mosquito Misters
Keep pesky mosquitoes away from your yard so friends and family can enjoy it. We offer mosquito misters to be installed and release a chemical that is safe for your family and pets, while keeping annoying mosquitos away.

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